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About Us

Howdy y'all!

Cute Asian Things is a store that originates from the state of Texas, USA. We have team members both in San Antonio and in the DFW metroplex. It all started when one of us was trying to find the cutest plushies. As you can see, we have gotten to a good start! We hope to bring these to you at an affordable price because we understand how hard it is to get that cute item while on a budget.

Our number one priority is to be honest with our customers in order to focus on giving great customer service. We take pride in the quality of our products and hope that you will be proud to own and enjoy them.
Let us know if there's anything on your mind or that we can improve on by contacting us. 
Contact Phone number: 1 (214) 471-5438
Contact Email:

What's Next?

We are working on adding more cute Asian inspired designs to our store. We are also planning to roll out more products that can provide you with cuteness in the near future! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned!